Friday, June 12, 2015

Assignment that I am most proud of

Of all of my assignments and photographs from this class, I am most proud of the photographs that I took during our Portraits/ Self-Portraits assignment. Ordinarily, I do not shoot a lot of portraits. People have always been an incredibly important part of my life, but it doesn't always occur to me to photograph them. Through this assignment, I believe that I was able to capture a little bit of the essence of some of my friends and family members in a new light.

Before we began this assignment, we were asked to look on several websites and analyze different methods and styles used in portraiture by other photographers. This was extremely useful for me because it gave me some direction to start this assignment in. That pre-assignment gave me some unique ideas to try out and gave me a new outlook towards portraiture.

Not only did this assignment give me a fresh outlook on portrait photography and what it means, it gave me a renewed desire to experiment with portraiture in my future photography. Portraiture is most certainly a form of photography that I would like to pursue and learn more about in the future.

Most Memorable Experiences

I have two wonderfully memorable experiences from this semester. One of the earlier projects that we did in this class was creating a Pinterest board with some photographs and information about those photographers. This was a memorable experience for me because I was able to take this opportunity to learn about several photographers, including Henri Cartier Bresson and Chris Burkard. This was a great experience to have at the beginning of our semester because it gave us the opportunity to learn about certain photographers and their styles, as well as setting a good tone for the rest of the semester.

My favorite and most memorable experience from this class was our unit in pinhole photography. I have had only minor exposure to analog photography previously, and this unit gave me the opportunity to learn about the darkroom processes, as well as the experimentation required with a pinhole camera. I am used to being able to see and correct my images instantly on a digital camera, but the pinhole process of long exposures and darkroom baths were entirely new to me. It was often frustrating waiting several minutes to see how a photograph, only to have something wrong and have to go try again and hope to get it right. Due to this new opportunity to try analog photography, the pinhole camera unit was by far the most memorable and favorable experience of the semester.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Photos With Quotes

Through this Photos with Quotes assignment, I learned several important things. First, I learned more about graphic design. Besides my work in photography and a small introduction in Art Fundamentals, I have had very little experience with graphic design. Through this project, I have learned more about the cooperation of text and images together to make a piece of artwork. While creating this photoshop project, I also learned a lot more about using photoshop as a graphic design tool. I have used photoshop briefly for other projects such as the levitation project, but I had never used photoshop in the way we did for this Photos with Quotes project.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pinhole Camera

A pinhole camera, a variation of Camera Obscura, is a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture, a pinhole.

Through this project of pinhole photography I learned a lot about the process of shooting film as well as using a darkroom. Before this project, I had only shot 35mm film and I had never used a dark room myself before. By using a pinhole camera, I was able to learn about the process of using darkroom chemicals as well as how photographic, light-sensitive paper worked. I learned how the emulsion coating on on photographic paper records the image when it is exposed to light. The image then becomes visible on the paper after being sent through the darkroom process where the paper is exposed to several different baths of chemicals. Without this introduction to pinhole photography, I might never have had the chance to learn about the darkroom process.

I would definitely like to do this project again. This pinhole photography assignment gave me the opportunity to learn about the darkroom process, an invaluable experience for an aspiring photographer. This project is an excellent experience for photography students in this Photo 1 class because it gives students a chance to learn about analog photography. This is a very digitally centered class, and this project gives students the chance to learn more about the roots of photography. Also, for students who might not necessarily continue with other photography classes, this project informs students about the basic darkroom process. In closing, this project gave me a fresh creative outlook on photography, and made me think about other forms of photography besides contemporary digital.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Creative Portraits/Self Portraits

In both of these photographs I tried to capture a moment, as well as a little bit of personality. In the first photograph, I tried to capture the bliss and joy my grandmother was having on a warm spring day. Although she is seventy something, a carefree flick of the hair shows a youthful sense of joy. In the second photograph I tried to show the sense of wonder and curiosity that embodies my sister. This photograph shows my sister's childlike fascination and appreciation of new spring buds.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Who Am I?

At first this seems like a rather obvious question. My name is George Jutras. But, once you dig past the superficial layers, I like to think that there are more complexities to my personality rather than just a name and a face. I've always had quite a wide variety of interests, whether it be music, taking photographs, surfing, mountain biking, skiing, or hiking. I love to be outside; in the mountains or by the ocean. Being deep in the heart of nature is generally where I am most comfortable. Being free to roam and explore outside has always been my time to recharge my batteries and take a fresh outlook on life.

It's important for me to keep making forward progress. As long as I keep moving forward, whether I am pushing through a pile of homework or climbing a rock wall, I am satisfied. I feel most uncomfortable when I am stalled on my progress, or worse yet have nothing to do. One of my few life goals is to be able to harness my desire to explore and push forward to improve my life and the lives of others.